Changes between version 1.0 and 1.0.1

Addition of support for 'context' diffs and fixed 'colour over-run' problem when shell prompt has no colours defined, thanks to Matthew Gatto

Changes between version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

The entire input stream is received before being examined for the type of diff information it contains, the stream is no longer coloured 'on the fly'. This step improves identification of some types of diffs, where seeing the whole output is required to determine the type of diff being used.

Diffs generated by 'subversion' are now recognised, in addition to plain diffs and CVS diffs. Thanks to Graham Wilson for helping to troubleshoot the subversion diffs.

The colour 'black' can now also be specified in ~/.colordiffrc for use by those with light-coloured backgrounds. Thanks to Steven W Orr for helping to troubleshoot light-coloured backgrounds.

Changes between version 1.0.2 and 1.0.3

More tolerance of whitespace in config file. More elegant handling of directories other than '/etc' being the location for the central colordiffrc and preserving a backup of an existing /etc/colordiffrc at installation - thanks to Bernhard Bablok

Extra documenation for 'less' options provided by Niklas Vainio

Changes between version 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

Added support for 'dark' colours, courtesy of patch from Michael Piefel. Also added support for long, command-line options to change colours on the fly, courtesy of patch from Nathan Tenney.

Bug fix for inconsistent handling of arguments in the input stream - fix received with thanks from Michal Maruska

Changes between version 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

Improved efficiency for diff-type detection and addition of a new colour area, called 'cvsstuff' which allows an additional colour definition for this type of output. All these changes courtesy of a patch from Cory Tusar. Other minor code 'tidying'. Also included code tidying from Kevin Ballard.

Removed 'long colordiff colour options', originally contributed by Nathan Tenney, since it appears to conflict with the use of additional diff command-line options. A proper fix is needed, but this change was made to fix a bug at the expense of a probably little used (?) functionality? This change also fixes the bug which means that colordiff returns the 'diff' return value correctly.

Inclusion of separate 'cdiff' shell script for colouring compressed and URL-based diffs, following contribution from Ville Skyttä

Changes between version 1.0.5 and 1.0.6

Finally(!) introduced support for 'side-by-side' diffs, including some contributed code by Andrew Chadwick . Also added support for colour specifier 'off' (or 'normal' or 'none') to the config file following feature request and patch from Wouter Bolsterlee , to allow colour highlighting to be switched off for some elements.

Now by default, when colordiff is redirecting output to a file, the colours are switched off. This relates to bugs raised by Adam Borowski and Wang Jian. For users wishing to retain this behaviour, the new option "color_patches" has been introduced, which defaults to 'no'.

Some changes have been made to the default colours used, to help visibility on as many different coloured terminals by default.

Changes between version 1.0.6 and 1.0.7

Support introduced for 'wdiff' colourising (thanks to Tom Regner); also correctly handles undefined HOME (patches from various people).

Support for p4 diffs added by Alexis Layton, plus bug fix for blank first lines.

Changes between version 1.0.7 and 1.0.8

Support for numeric colours added, for 256-colour terminals (thanks to Gautam Iyer). Diff-types can now be specified explicitly, for use when diff-type detection doesn't work or isn't possible. Return diff's exit code, patch from Tim Connors. Allow extraneous diff text to be coloured separately.

Changes between version 1.0.8 and 1.0.9

Fix for Debian bug 513313 incorporated.

Changes between version 1.0.9 and 1.0.10

Fix for Debian bug 459763 incorporated, thanks to Gergely Nagy for contributed code.

Changes between version 1.0.10 and 1.0.11

Support for xz in cdiff, patch by Ville Skyttä; code cleanup from Akim Demaille; patch to provide custom diff command from Rainer Nagel. Improved wdiff support inspired by patch from Peter van Dijk. Improved debdiff detection.

Changes between version 1.0.11 and 1.0.12

Packaging refactoring and minor packaging fixes.

Changes between version 1.0.12 and 1.0.13

Avoid accidentally identifying some diffs as side-by-side, handling colordiff arguments better. Plus code refactoring, corrections to docs.

Changes between version 1.0.13 and 1.0.14

Big improvements to side-by-side diff detection, thanks Peter Wu. Additional colordiffrc example colour scheme file to match 'git diff'. Misc fixes thanks to John Szakmeister, Matthew Wang.

Changes between 1.0.14 and 1.0.15

Missed gitdiff file from tarball, bumping version number for clarity.

Changes between 1.0.15 and 1.0.16

Support for XDG_CONFIG_HOME (thanks Zhiming Wang), fewer deps for and fixes for diffy and diff-type specification (thanks Peter Wu).

Changes between 1.0.16 and 1.0.17

Ensure --color=no is honoured where appropriate, add --color-term-output-only plus minor fixes.

Changes between 1.0.17 and 1.0.18

Fix regression which broke piping to less.

Changes between 1.0.18 and 1.0.19

Add 'difffile' color option, allowing more git-like coloring (separate color for header of each changed file). Thanks Geraint Edwards. Improved portability of Makefile, thanks Michael Osipov. Provide support for 24-bit colour strings, thanks Stephen Wall.

Changes between 1.0.19 and 1.0.20

Some improvements to reading command-line options and Makefile portability. Support for Windows configurations, thanks Rafael Kitover; and for Octopus git/merge thanks Kiyoshi Ohgishi.

Changes between 1.0.20 and 1.0.21

Support for Windows C:\ProgramData instead of /etc, improved documentation for command-line options.

colordiff is GPL licensed, (C)2002-2022 Dave Ewart,